About ES2's President James Brush

James is a third-generation electrical contractor that actively employs eight team members and is growing. His company strives to deliver excellence in all aspects of service. He has the highest-rated electrical contracting business in his area.

James’s business mission is to serve his team members, clients, and other electrical contractors worldwide. To help them experience tremendous success, growth, and achieve financial freedom.

After two decades, he has created systems and proven processes that do that and more. He knows what it takes to run a highly successful business and wants to give you the tools to do the same. He has been helping electrical contractors for over ten years.

Let’s face it, the road to becoming a successful entrepreneur is a lonely road and a road that is not traveled by many. But it doesn’t have to be. You have found ES2 Elite. Let’s take this journey together. You have an opportunity to get tried, tested, and proven processes that will significantly impact your success.

Our Mission

ES2’s mission is to help success minded contractors such as yourself find success, wealth and security. By helping you achieve these three goals. You will find that your life will become more enriched; you will reach your goals quicker and you will have more happiness.

ES2 is dedicated to helping contractors find success and wealth that they never thought was possible through innovation and success secrets only few know about.  To give you guidance and the tools to help you reach and make your dreams a reality!

Our Core Values

Our company's core values are based on honesty, ethics and respect to all.

We intend to become one of the elite. An organization that will help lead and guide the largest community of contractors to success, wealth, security and happiness.

We will help you turn your vision into a reality.

Special Acknowledgements

I want to thank all of my existing clients. It is because of you that we can provide such a wonderful new product.  Your ideas, help and critiques even when they were brutal, has led to such a great product.  I thank you all!

A special thanks to my clients who stuck it out with me through the good times and the bad. Thank you for believing in me and the program.  I’m also grateful for the many friendships I have made along the way.

I want to thank all of my programmers!!! The hard work and dedication have been first class! We started with nothing other than thoughts and ideas and were able to create a tangible, one of a kind product which is nothing short of amazing!

I want to thank Fred and Billy Nendza at xclntDesign. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication for making all of this happen.  Your expertise in code, web design and marketing are second to none!  I couldn’t ask for anyone better!

I want to give thanks to my father and mother.  Mike and Drema Brush.  Without your support and belief in me, none of this would have been possible.

To my Father, it’s not possible to encapsulate you in just a few words? From a very early age, you instilled in me a great work ethic. Your wisdom and knowledge that you have imparted and continue to impart is a guiding force in my life. 

Your strength, your will and your resolve have been like no other that I have seen. You are  a great Man, a friend and loving Father.

To my mother, The Good Lord has blessed me with a wonderful loving Mother. Truly a beautiful person, a wonderful soul.  I never have met anyone that is more giving than you.  If I can aspire to be only half the person you are, then I have done great. You are an inspiration to me and everyone that has been fortunate enough to be in your life.

The help you have given to me is immeasurable. Thank you for always believing in me and telling me everything is going to be alright!

To Dr. Mariner, I want to thank you for being such a great friend.  You are a noble man full of life.  You are magnanimous!  You have been such a positive presence in my life.  Friendships such as these are not made every day. It’s an honor being your friend.  I thank you for your friendship, kindness, encouragement and wisdom. Namaste!

To Frank Ramsey, it’s been 20 years since we have met. Never have I met such a great soul!  You have always been there for me.  You have been more than a friend.  You have been a role model and have made a great impact in my life.

You led me to my gurus! There are no words that I can offer thee, except this… Pronam (My Soul bows to yours.)

To my line of Gurus, it is because of your teachings and love, that I’m able to make it through life with purpose.  Because of you, I know why I am here!

Most Importantly!! To God, I thank you for all the blessings that you have given me! Nothing would be possible without your love, grace and guidance.  I thank you for this life, and I hope that I make you proud!

Earn more money and increase your bottom line.

As you know there are many key components in running a successful business. One component that has helped us become the leader of the pack in our area is that we are consistent. Consistency is key in everything you do. From how you answer the phones, your uniforms, your customer service, and the way you price jobs. You have to know how to price jobs quickly, consistently and with maximum profit. You need to be able to price the job right then and there. This will help you close the sale and give you a competitive advantage.

You need to give your team the tools to be successful. If you’re electricians succeed, then your company will succeed. ES2 is that tool. Whether you go out in the field and price jobs or any one of your technicians go out and price jobs, the price will always be the right price.

ES2’s Up Front Pricing is the way to go. So what is up front pricing? Upfront pricing is giving an exact quote to the penny for any type of electrical repair or installation that your customer may need. It’s the straightforward approach. Giving your customer the ability to say yes or no to your quote before any work has started.

Most consumers today prefer to know the exact price of what they are purchasing. Consumers do not want an open-ended ticket from contractors that use time and material. That is just one reason why we use upfront pricing.

Our technique is simple:

    1. You go to your client’s house.
    2. You give a quote right then and there in front of your customer.
    3. You ask the customer what they would like to do.
    4. You do the work or schedule the work.
    5. Get paid when you’re done.
    6. Repeat.

That is how we earn more money, increase our bottom line and dominate our area. Would you like the same?

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What your fellow electricians say about ES2.

Since my start with Electrical Success Systems, job closure has tripled. The highly professional service this software system has, is why my confidence in this system is so great. Not only the program, but also the vast amount of practical on the job experience, that shines through every part of it. It is easy to forget the amount of work that goes into a task and running a business, but with ES2, all of that is built in. The thought that went into each task extends into the back office. With direct input into quickbooks online, it more than pays for itself in the time saved from double entry. Great job James and crew!

Expediter Electric
Portland, Connecticut

After many years of pricing the old fashioned way and not making any real money to speak of, I started searching for a better and more modern way to do business without paper invoices and having to spend family time to work up the estimates and not sending them by snail mail. Now when I arrive I already have my customers data in the customer list , I just pull up the work to be done by touching it on the iPad click on their name and have them sign the estimate on the iPad screen with the set pricing already there and your done !! The its emailed on the spot. My income jumped into the black very quickly and I've never looked back with regret for joining ES2.

Aubrey Teele
John's Electric Service
Hoover, Alabama

I am part owner of an electrical service company in the San Francisco bay area and we have been serving our clients since 1999. We started using the ES2 system in 2011 and have been very happy with the program and with the support staff. In the past we used paper and pen to give the customer a number that we thought would be profitable for us. And sometimes we would get the job and sometimes we would not. Ever since we signed up with ES2 we have closed more business, gained more clients, clients love to see that we give them an ``up front honest price”, they love the professional look (using a portable device iPad or Samsung pad) and most important we make a good ethical profit.

You owe it to yourself and to your family to at least try the system for 6 months. You have nothing to lose except the profit that is rightfully yours if you don’t sign up.

Edward's Electrical

We have been using “Electrical Success Systems” software for a number of years now. It allowed us to get rid of the paper, lost notes, and confusion that plagues most all of us. We have been able to streamline the quoting process, keep track of invoicing, and make changes to the business to bring better service to our customers. The staff is excellent at helping you out and answering your questions and concerns, and that is not just about the software but the business side of things too. Ultimately it has helped our shop to become extremely competitive at a higher level, all the while maintaining a healthy profit margin. I highly recommend utilizing the software and all the company has to offer!

Seth Sillbaugh
Switched Electric
San Francisco, California

I have been using the system for nearly four years now. To call this anything less than essential would be doing a disservice to what it has done for me. The amount of time it saves me from office paperwork is priceless. I no longer need to come home after a long day and type up handwritten notes into spreadsheet and mail out an invoice or quote. Everything is done onsite. My customers receive quotes nearly instantaneously, and I'm no longer trying to estimate on the fly. The team at ES2 is very attentive and constantly striving to help advance my business as a whole. I'm glad I can count of them being in my corner when I need them.

Mike Showalter
Parkside Electric
Elburn, Illinois

New member here. I went into business in 89 and have been flat rating for about 15 years. I was trying to find one program to get rid of 6 that I was using.I found it! There is so much great information in the forum, and the contributions by everyone is nothing like I've ever seen. Tight group in here. The forums are worth the monthly fee alone.

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